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Tam Versiyon: The School Management System
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These authorized persons generally consist of teachers and principals who work at schools. Only this part of the system can be accessed. It is a very healthy method for parents to create a management mechanism and for students to analyze themselves. While the school management system offers comfort to parents and students, it also offers great comfort to teachers and school directors. The exchange of information in the area for students and parents is not permitted. The school management system is an area provided by the Ministry of National Education and used by persons authorized for e-school services within the school administration.  It is a very important system for teachers, students and parents to exchange information about the educational period. This section also contains announcements. The school management system used by teachers and head teachers is a very important system for teachers. In the areas used by teachers it is used for information such as entering grades, absences, students' homework subjects and documents received. Teachers enter this information from the students into the system and inform the parents about this system. In this way, parents and students can learn about the school and lessons online from the system.